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We are redesigning the Adult Social Care prevention offer

The Commissioning Intentions (Commissioning Intentions Easy Read) consider how we will work with partners and local communities to improve the quality of life and opportunities available for people with low level support needs in Cornwall.

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The intentions have been developed with a range of health and social care commissioners, service providers and other professionals. They draw on evidence including needs data, a review of the current preventative contracts and engagement with service providers and people who use services. The Evidence Base provides more detail on how the intentions have been developed.

The redesign of the Adult Social Care prevention offer will be aligned to the overarching Shaping Our Future whole system prevention strategy. This strategy considers wider preventative measures across the Council, Public Health, the NHS in Cornwall, and partner organisations.  The strategy considers how we can all work better together to ensure that people get the support they need to live safe and well in the community.

The final interventions will be co-designed with people who will use the services, as well as carers, providers and other stakeholders. We will focus on helping people to self-support and make best use of existing community resources.

The Adult Social Care Prevention consultation

From September 2016 to October 2018 we have been engaging with all stakeholders to inform our new Adult Social Care Prevention model and service specifications.

People have told us they want to take more responsibility for their wellbeing and wellness, be as independent as possible and be part of their local community. We are planning on changing our approach to promoting wellbeing and supporting independence.

We want to:

  • increase social inclusion and a sense of belonging
  • help people to self-manage health and wellbeing
  • help people to maximise independent living skills
  • improve access to accommodation for vulnerable people

Our presentation explains the current Adult Social Care Prevention services and the proposed future model.

Please see below the main report summarising all of the feedback gathered during the engagement and consultation.

Procurement preparation workshops for the provider market

17 January 9am-1.15 pm-Pool Innovation Centre, Trevenson Road, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 3PL

24 January 9am-1.15 pm-St Austell Conference Centre, St Austell Printing Company Ltd., St Austell Business Park, Cornwall, PL25 4FD (Sat Nav: PL25 4EJ)

Co-production events for anyone who wants to get involved in the final service design

Inclusion service:

3 January 10am-12pm St Austell Day Centre, St Johns Methodist Church, 20A Bodmin Rd, St Austell PL25 5AE

The service will:

  • link people to services and activities in their communities, coordinate volunteer support such as help with hospital discharges and providing volunteering opportunities.
  • provide  match funding through an online platform for local community-led projects aimed at helping communities to reduce loneliness and social isolation

Empowering Independence Substance Misuse/Mental Healthservice:

8 January 10am-12pm Cosgarne Hall, 81 Truro Rd, Saint Austell PL25 5JQ

The service is for people with complex needs mainly related to mental health and substance misuse and will include supported accommodation and community outreach contracts delivering short term support with independent living skills and self-management of health and wellbeing

Rough Sleepers service:

10 January 10.20am-12.30pm St Petroc’s, 8 City Rd, Truro TR1 2JJ

The service will offer support to people that are rough sleeping/homeless, or at risk of rough sleeping/homelessness.

Empowering Independence Outreach service:

28 January 10am-12pm Café Chaos, 3 St Clement Vean, Tregolls Rd, Truro TR1 1RN

The service will offer support for people with physical health needs and/or learning disabilities on an outreach basis delivering short term support with independent living skills and self-management of health and wellbeing.

If you would like to attend any of the above sessions please email

200 people joined our online event in May to talk about ways loneliness can be eased in Cornwall

During the conversation people talked about what loneliness means to them and shared ideas on how to reduce loneliness in the future.

Many defined loneliness as a feeling of not belonging, ‘not having anyone to talk to’, or ‘not being part of things’.

When asked what people need from others when they are lonely, many participants prioritised ‘friendship, emotional support, and social interaction’.

Most people agreed that coffee mornings and libraries are a good way of reducing loneliness, other ideas included ‘sit down yoga, childhood song sessions and pet therapy’.

The feedback will help Cornwall Council better understand the problems communities face in trying to address loneliness and isolation. The results of the research can be found in the report below:

Crowdsourcing - Loneliness and Isolation Report

Indicative Timeline for redesigning of the new Adult Social Care Prevention services

  • September 2016 – Mid October 2018– Co-design and engagement opportunities with stakeholders to inform the new model for the service
  • November 2018 - January 2019 – Approval process for business case
  • February-June 2019-Tender documents finalised and tender process completed
  • July-August 2019 - Contracts awarded and mobilisation period
  • October 2019 - Contracts commence 

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