Community Based Day Support Engagement

What are we doing

Cornwall Council is considering how people with eligible care will be supported during the day in the future. The council currently offers day time through services commissioned from external providers, and through services operated by the council itself. The contract between the council and the external providers comes to an end in March 2021 and the council wants to ensure that we have the right types of day time support in place after that.

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Cornwall Council is being supported Healthwatch Cornwall who are helping us to understand the best ways to connect with as many people as possible and ensure that they have an opportunity to participate.

What we have done already

We have spent a lot of time over summer talking to people who use the current services and those who support them about what matters to them in services. Huge numbers of people completed surveys about the day opportunities which they currently access, and their hopes for the future. As a result we have built up a really clear picture of what day opportunities are needed in Cornwall, and how people want to be supported.

We are producing a report setting out what people have told us and will be sharing that information as soon as we are able to.

What we are doing now

We want to use this information to build a vision for the future of day time support. We want that vision to be shared between the people to whom day opportunities matter, the people that care for them, the people who run services and the public as a whole represented by the council.

In order to make this happen we have appointed an independent organisation to facilitate a series of workshops to co-produce a set of future service models. Stayathome Cornwall, part of the Chaos Group, based in Truro, have agreed to lead this stage of the process. The team at Stayathome Cornwall have an impressive track record of leading co-production work, are known and trusted by people with care needs and have a flair for reaching people who might feel excluded from work of this nature.

They are a dynamic and engaging group and we are very much looking forward to seeing where their leadership in this phase of our work takes us.

How to get involved

Stayathome Cornwall will be arranging a series of workshops between now and the end of the year across the county. They will be publicising these through local media, and their social media channels as well as through the current day opportunity providers.

If you would like to take part in a workshop to help us design the future models of service please either contact Stayathome Cornwall on or contact us on

We will publish details of the dates and venues of the workshops here once they are finalised so check back regularly

What we will do next

Early 2020 – We will begin formally consulting on our co-produced vision and models. This will be a further opportunity for people to give the views once there is more clarity about what people want the services to look like.

March 2021 – Our current externally commissioned day services contracts come to an end and we will, following the engagement and consultation activity, be in a position to implement the co-produced models of day services.