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Carers Service

Carers service provide support for unpaid carers, people that provide some form of unpaid care for their relatives, friends or neighbours, this may include:

  • Helping someone with their shopping
  • Helping someone to do their laundry
  • Taking someone to appointments
  • Giving lifts to someone who is unable to travel because they cannot walk far, or may get confused and lost
  • Reminding someone to take their medication
  • Assisting someone to get dressed
  • Reminding or helping someone to bathe
  • Helping someone with their meals
  • Helping someone with their communications
  • Providing someone with physical support to move around
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There are around 66,000 carers in Cornwall. Under the Care Act 2014 local authorities must provide or arrange for services, facilities or resources which would prevent, reduce or delay individuals’ needs for care and support.

The current contract that supports adult carers the Carer Support and Assessment Service will come to an end in 2021 so we are now engaging with all stakeholders about what works well in the current provision, what the new service should look like and how it can adapt to the challenges that health and adult social care are facing.

Carers engagement

In summer and autumn 2019 we carried out carers engagement and the results are gathered in the Carers Engagement Report

We are also creating a Carers Sounding Board to inform our carers strategy and codesign the future carers service. If you would like to join the Carers Sounding Board please email We may contact you via email and/or invite you to a workshop.

For information and advice regarding support for carers or to register as a carer please visit the Care and Support in Cornwall website.