What we do

We lead on commissioning for Adults with eligible Social Care needs in Cornwall.

We work with partners to coordinate and improve the Adult Social Care experience.

This includes integrated community and Council services. 

What we do

Strategic Commissioning – We support and enable a developing approach. We deliver a range of services:

  • needs assessment;
  • procurement support;
  • specification writing;
  • tendering activity and contract award;
  • contract and performance management.

Strategic Market Development - We develop the market and lead on stakeholder consultation.

In-house provider services – We undertake needs assessment, specification writing and awarding of services. Followed by performance and quality management of in house service provision.

Business Support and Administration - We act as key point of contact for partners. We also provide finance and procurement support.

Contract Management - The Council's Contract Management Operating Model details our approach.


Commissioning- involves a cycle of Analyse, Plan, Do, Review, as follows:

Analyse: What have we got and what do we need? Analysing the support needed.

Plan: What should support look like? Planning the services including developing service specifications.

Do: What do we need to to do to put support in place? Implementing the services and facilitating the market.

Review: Is the support meeting need? Monitoring what’s working and what needs improving and then starting the cycle again.

We work with service users, carers, providers and health. This is to make sure that the services are achieving the outcomes that matter to people.

Delivering Better Care

Adult Social Care Modernisation Programme

One of Cornwall Council’s main priorities is to make sure everyone can start well, live well and age well. Communities that are vibrant, safe and supportive. Communities that everyone belongs to, feel connected to and where no one is invisible.

Over the past years we have been talking to people about the services they provide and they receive. Based on what you told us and analysing data, policies and trends we have drafted two new strategies:

Maximising Independence and Better Lives. These form our Adult Social Care Commissioning Strategy for 2022 – 2026.

Our collective vision is to ensure that people can get the right care, in the right place at the right time. This will help to prevent, reduce or delay the need for ongoing support. This will also help maximise their independence.

The strategy for ‘Maximising Independence’ is our universal offer for people. The primary focus of this will be:

support for older people, people with physical disabilities and/or sensory loss.

The strategy for ‘Better Lives’ focuses on:

 support for people with learning disabilities, neurodiversity and poor mental health.

Further information is available as part of the Care and Wellbeing
Strategic Commissioning Intentions.

Working for the Council

It is advisable that if you want to work with Cornwall Council that you register with these sites.

For more details of how to register for procurement opportunities please access the following link:

Business and commercial services

Adult Commissioning and Transformation

Care home services

A care home is a residential setting where people who need care and support can live if it is no longer feasible for them to live in their own home.

Adult Social Care policy consultations

Find out about our policy consultations; including Draft policies and Fair cost of care


Advocacy services help people and carers to: Speak up for themselves, Get their voice heard, Understand their rights, Find and understand information

Paying for social care

During the covid-19 emergency, Adult Social Care will continue with assessments for financial assistance as part of its normal business arrangements but will undertake all assessments by telephone.

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