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Grow more trees - Autumn seed search

Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust have partnered up to launch a county-wide autumn seed search. They are encouraging everyone to collect acorns and other tree seeds over the next few weeks. This leaflet is packed with useful information on how to Grow More Trees. This includes how to collect seeds, and how to grow and look after them. It has detailed information on many of our native tree species. Invaluable for anyone looking to help our environment by increasing native trees in Cornwall! The Tree Council have also produced a handy advice page on how to grow trees from seed

Help and guidance for your project

The Forest for Cornwall has dedicated funding for new tree planting projects.  It has created a range of useful resources to help get projects off the ground. Please have a look at the following information to see what help is available:

Forest for Cornwall Community Crowdfunder 

Forest for Cornwall and Crowdfunder have come together to support projects that are committed to supporting the environment and wildlife of Cornwall. The Forest for Cornwall Community Fund aims to support community-based projects that help to increase the tree canopy cover in Cornwall. Up to £5,000 per project is available. 

Please note your application will need:

  • the landowner’s permission or a lease which clearly states there is public access
  • a woodland management plan. A template can be found in the list of help and guidance above. This can be uploaded within the application form

If you do not have a management plan and are going to struggle to provide one you can use a consultant.  Before you start please email to tell us the consultant’s contact details and costs. This will help us to approve the associated costs and prevent delay with your crowdfunding application. The consultant's costs need to be reasonable in relation to the funding being requested. Please mark all email correspondence with Crowdfunder in the title.

You can find out more about it and apply for up to £5,000 funding on the Forest for Cornwall Crowdfunder page.  

Parish Canopy Maps

The map of tree or canopy cover for a parish can be used in decision making for your project. These maps show tree canopy cover in your parish, created from aerial photos taken in 2016. It uses other information collected at the same time to identify any features that were over four metres in height and appeared to represent vegetation. The tree canopy data for each parish has then been added up and the area worked out as a percentage of the total area for each parish.

Contact us to request a map

Example of a parish canopy map

There are a few points to be aware of:

  • Any vegetation that was less than 4 metres in 2016 will not have been identified.
  • Any vegetation that was identified as tree canopy in 2016 but which has since been felled will still be included.
  • It is possible that some other objects that were found to be over 4 metres in height may have been identified incorrectly as vegetation.

Further technical details for the parish canopy maps

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