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Tree planting activity

There are some great tree planting projects happening across Cornwall.

  • Forest for Calstock Parish - this project is led by the community who are exploring planting opportunities across the whole parish. It shows how community owned assets and public areas can be used to increase biodiversity and create a better environment. The Parish Council secured funding for the first phase of the project from the Forest for Cornwall Crowdfunder. Residents were consulted and planting plans drawn up for three sites. There is a mix of native species, a new hedge bank, two small orchards and a number of 'foraging' hedges. The fruit trees provide a link to the market gardening heritage of the area. The community is now starting to plan Phase 2, with further projects across the parish. 
  • Helston Climate Action Group will be planting a tree for every child in Helston
  • Treverbyn Parish Council will be planting a tree for every resident over 7,500 trees!
  • Cornwall Council is planting a new woodland of 2,000 trees in Redruth. This is part of the Clijah Croft Playing Field improvement works
  • The Keyn Glas (Green Ribs) project is creating 17 new habitats and woodlands on the A30 between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross. This is a Highways England project with partners including Cornwall Council, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency. The scheme will connect existing woodlands with new trees, orchards and hedges. This will create green corridors for wildlife and benefit the visual character of the landscape.

Trees already planted:

  • Phase 1: “Trees for Cornish Towns”. 100 trees have been planted at 7 locations in 5 towns across Cornwall. Six sites were funded by the Forest for Cornwall:

    • Torpoint – Hawthorn Avenue
    • Callington - Public Open Space at Boconnoc Avenue
    • Illogan - Land at Sunnyside Parc
    • Pool - Brea Playing Field
    • Redruth -  The Paddock and Raymond Road Playing Field

Torpoint - Thanckes Park site was co-financed by the Forestry Commission.    Cornwall Council is now going to plan Phase 2 of the project. 12 more sites will be planted during 2020/2021 planting season (subject to Covid 19 restrictions).

  • On 7 March 2020, Newquay Community Orchard joined the fight against climate change. They brought the community together to plant 50 trees. 
  • On 4 February 2020, 4 of the longest serving employees of Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd planted 4 apple trees. This was in front of the factory. 
    The apple trees are all South West varieties:
    • Pendragon
    • Cornish Aromatic
    • Cornish Gilly Flower
    • Lucombe's Pine
  • Cornwall Council planted 105 trees in partnership with the Woodland Trust at Oaklands Drive, Saltash. This was the first official site of the Forest for Cornwall. Trees were planted on 17 December 2019
  • Bosavern Community Farm have planted trees in December 2019. These were provided by the Community Volunteering Charity 'I Dig Trees' programme. Bosavern Community Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise. It was set up by the local community for learning about growing healthy food. 
  • St Ives Community Orchard also planted a woodland of 500 trees in December 2019. This is called 'Koos Govenek' ('Hope Wood' in Cornish). Regular work parties will continue to take place at 11am on Sundays. More information about Koos Govenek can be found on the St Ives Community Orchard website
  • The TEVI Programme planted 50 trees in National Tree Week at Enys Gardens, Penryn.
  • Jill Lamede planted 9 trees in her garden in November 2019 including:
    • Oak
    • American Willow
    • Crab Apple
    • Wild Cherry
    • Hazel
    • Field Maple
    • Silver Birch

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