Woodland Creation Partnership Funding

Help to fund your tree planting

Did you know Forest for Cornwall can now help to fund your tree planting ambitions using our  Woodland Creation funds? 

Forest for Cornwall (F4C) has been chosen as one of only two Woodland Creation Partnerships funded by Defra’s Nature for Climate Fund. F4C can now support the creation of 385 Ha (951 Acres) of new tree canopy by 2025! 

The aim of the fund is to help landowners overcome existing funding barriers and make planting happen. If you want to plant trees we want to help.  

F4C can support you through two innovative new schemes:

The Trees and Woodland Fund 

We aim to provide technical and financial support to 125 farmers and landholders in the next 3 years. The ambition is to establish 235 ha. (580 acres) of new trees and woodland across Cornwall. 

We will provide consultancy support free of charge.  Once appointed, a consultant will work with you offering expert guidance. They will:

  • undertake site visits
  • complete landowner assessments
  • produce planting plans
  • identify the best funding options for you
  • make any funding applications 
  • engage a contractor
  • supply a maintenance plan

Landowner assessments consider your land as a whole. (Including any designations or legal constraints.) They look at creating the highest environmental benefit from your project.  Most importantly - this is your venture!  Your needs and requirements are the most important factor for success. There is no restriction on the type of planting. Each project will be assessed on its merits. This includes the scale and the benefits to habitat, landscape and water quality.

Once plans are finalised and agreed with you and the F4C team, you might decide to submit a tree planting grant application. We will pay the consultant to apply on your behalf.  

If the application is successful, the consultant or F4C will source and engage contractors to carry out the planting. (This may be affected by the type of fund you apply for). You can also carry out the works yourself and be paid on the basis of standard costs, once the work has been approved.

Funding for ongoing maintenance is also available. EWCO schemes will pay for 10 years of maintenance. F4C schemes offer a payment for 3 years of maintenance. These payments require the landowner to agree to checks and to provide a yearly photographic record.

If you do not wish to proceed with the application, you will not be charged for any costs.

The closing date for applications is September 2024, but we are limited to 125 projects. The landowner will need to make the application. A tenant can also apply if they have the written permission of the landowner.

If existing grant schemes do not fit your plans, F4C can still provide funding. If you want to plant trees we want to help.

Agroforestry Exemplar Projects

F4C is aiming to fully fund 10 pilot planting projects. This is to demonstrate how trees and woodland can become part of farming. This will support landholders to create 150 ha (370 acres) of new agroforestry in the next 3 years.  

Each landholder will work with a fully funded consultant to carry out all the required surveys and applications. They will source and plant trees. There will be further funds for maintenance costs and project reports.  

These pilot sites will provide valuable information and experiences. These can be shared to provide guidance and inspiration for future projects.  

Successful funding bids will agree that Cornwall Council can share this information with DEFRA and other partners. They will be demonstration sites with an open book policy.  

Carbon credits for both funds: if your project is large enough your consultant may be able to assist with this.

Spaces are limited. To register an interest and for further details please complete our Contact Us form

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