Financing Your Tree Planting

Forest for Cornwall has been successfully awarded new funding from Defra - read more about this on our Woodland Creation Partnership Funding page

Larger scale tree and hedge planting projects can be both complex to design and expensive to finance. There are various options to access funding or financing for tree planting. These are available to:

  • landowners
  • farmers
  • businesses

By planting trees across Cornwall you are making an important contribution to the natural environment. You are also helping Cornwall's efforts to become carbon neutral. It would be great to hear about your tree planting, please use our Contact Us form.

Funding sources 

Forestry Commission

  • England Woodland Creation Offer – funding tree planting on areas from one hectare in size and will cover up to 100% of costs
  • Other FC grants including the Woodland Creation Planning Grant and Woodland Carbon Code

Woodland Trust

  • MoreWoods- for areas over 0.5 hectares (or more than 500 trees) up to 75% funded. MoreHedges – hedge planting over 100m
  • Trees for Your Farm - an agroforestry fund. Plant 500 trees or more to improve productivity and the environment on your farm. Funding of up to 100% of costs is available for agroforestry schemes, including a site visit and tree planting assessment. Email to find out more.

Tree Council

Orchard Grants – PTES

  • Restocking traditional orchards or new community orchard creation


New Woodland Creation Partnership

  • Promoting tree planting and woodland creation. This is funded by the Nature for Climate Fund.

Protect Earth 

  • Protect Earth provides funding for woodlands, shelterbelts, and silvopasture. Funding is more likely if you are combining agroforestry with woodland or shelterbelt plantings. They provide project management including ecologist advice to find out what to plant where. They also provide volunteers to do the planting and bring together various grants and funds so the work can be done at no cost to you.

Ecosia Regenerative Agroforestry Incubator 

  • Ecosia invest in agricultural projects that plant trees to re-establish healthy ecosystems and restore soils. The aim is to improve the impact of agriculture on our climate, landscapes and society.
  • Unlike other funders Ecosia provide loans rather than grants to stimulate the development of market viable production systems with trees. You'll need a project description, site plan and design and a business plan to apply

Contact Us to discuss your possible funding options for planting trees. 

Working Together on Carbon Financing in Cornwall

The Forest for Cornwall team has been seeking opportunities for Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) guaranteed schemes to be delivered in Cornwall. This scheme would support landowners to establish large scale planting sites. It would also enable Cornish individuals and businesses to offset their unavoidable carbon. They could do this by supporting local tree planting projects.

Carbon offsetting and trading of credits is a complex field, so we are working with two experienced companies. Full information on the Cornish scheme will be available later in 2022. 

  • Fountains Forestry
    Forestry management can help clients maintain and maximise the value of their woods. Sustainable woodlands can be created through sound advice and following best practice. The company has a team of forest managers who can advise on England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) schemes. These can help to:
    • tackle climate change
    • assist nature recovery
    • provide wider social and environmental benefits 
  • Forest Carbon
    Advisors can help farmers and landowners with woodland creation and restoration projects. This is done through carbon funding. Forest Carbon have extensive knowledge of what a project requires to register for the Woodland Carbon Code. This will generate extra income on top of grant funding. Projects also provide additional benefits to society. These include flood prevention and increasing biodiversity and public access. 

Forest Carbon logo   Fountains Forestry logo

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about carbon financing and planting new woodland. Our leaflet is also full of useful information.

Other Non-Accredited Schemes

Currently you are not able to officially offset carbon via a Cornish scheme. There are two Cornish companies who operate non-WCC guaranteed planting schemes that you can donate to:

Your local community may also welcome donations. These can be put towards their tree planting and environmental efforts. There are also numerous other operators in the country that can offer WCC accredited schemes outside Cornwall. 

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