Forest for Cornwall and landowners, farmers and businesses

Defra has released new information on funding for agroforestry and improvements to their trees and woodlands offer. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support you with this funding. 

Any tree planting that has been carried out in Cornwall since December 2019 can count towards the Forest for Cornwall. (As long as they were not planted as part of a planning condition or other statutory requirement.) We have an active ‘Pipeline’ of projects planned. Let us know about your tree planting activity on our Contact Us form so that we can register your contribution to a carbon neutral future for Cornwall.

Would you like to know more about how agroforestry could work alongside your farm or business? Have a look at our new videos on Agroforestry and farm diversification and Agroforestry and its' benefits to livestock

Forest for Cornwall support landowners, farmers and businesses with:

  • The right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose is our motto. Our initial discussion can provide some key early advice which may save you time and funds in the long run.
  • Giving initial advice over the phone, and then if appropriate carrying out a site visit
  • Preparing a report summarising:
    • the opportunities and constraints on the land
    • the various options for further support available to the landowner
  • Clear advice on appropriate funding options
  • Support for local businesses and developing the ‘circular economy’. There is an emerging need for locally gown timber and wood products of all kinds

Forest for Cornwall are working with landowners and agricultural advisors. This is to develop agroforestry in Cornwall. We believe it has an important role to play in supporting farmers and growing the Forest. We have a dedicated Agroforestry in Cornwall - Let's Talk Cornwall page. Here you can:

  • find resources
  • participate in a survey
  • watch an online Q and A with national experts


Find out more about various ways to fund your woodland project, including grants and carbon financing on our Financing Your Tree Planting page.

Woodland Creation Support Map

The Forestry Commission have put together a Woodland Creation Support Map which shows how we are working with our partners and includes a list of grants

Case Studies

Churchtown Farm

Churchtown Farm is a 124 Ha National Trust owned organic certified farm tenanted by Mark Russell.  Once farming with a large herd of cattle, Mark is now looking to alternative income streams and land uses. This is to farm in a wildlife friendly and sustainable way.  One of these initiatives is the planting of a forest garden, to provide fruit and nuts for a growing vegetable box scheme in the farm.  Forest for Cornwall (via the DEFRA Shared Outcomes Fund) were able to provide funding to the project. This was used to purchase trees and support scheme design.  The result is a 1.8 Ha (4 acre) forest garden with a wide variety of 302 food - producing trees planted and maintained by volunteers.

Helsbury Park

Half of the 32 hectares of Helsbury Park are already under mature broadleaved woodland. This is designated as Ancient Semi Natural Woodland with SAC and SSSI status. The remainder of the site is under improved grassland with some areas of wetland closer to the Camel River flood plateau. The main objective of the landowner is to increase biodiversity and recreational access whilst improving connectivity to the existing woodland. This will assist with flood risk and reduce run-off of soil and pesticides to the River Camel. Our officers have assisted with funding advice. They have also supported the Environmental Impact Assessment, tree establishment and management practices. The site is currently going through planning, and it is hoped will result in 8 hectares of new tree planting.

Utilities Checks

If you are planting trees it is essential to carry out the necessary utilities checks. We have outlined some guidance to assist you with this. 

Utilities Checks Guidelines

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