Viewing Cornwall's Definitive Map Online

An interactive version of Cornwall's Definitive map is available to view online

View Cornwall's Definitive Map

Advice and guidance on viewing the Definitive Map online is provided below:

  • The mapping is set to open so that it displays the map sheets as a grid overlying the county boundary
  • To view a map sheet, click on a cell in the grid
  • The selected record(s) will be displayed in an information window. If more than one record has been selected, the 'previous feature' and 'next feature' arrows can be used to move between them.  These can be found at the top right of the information window
  • The information window will display the details of the selected map sheet (District, Sheetname, etc). It contains a link to the electronic version of the map sheet. By clicking on the link in the 'Link to pdf of definitive map' field, the map sheet will be displayed in a new web browser window
  • The Definitive Map together with the Definitive Statement is the legal record of public rights of way. This means that the depiction of a path on the Definitive Map is legally conclusive evidence that the path is a public right of way of the status shown. However there may also be public rights of way which have been omitted from the Definitive Map. These are known as unrecorded public rights of way and they can only be recorded by a confirmed Definitive Map Modification Order
  • The Definitive Map was drawn at a scale of 1:10,000 though there are also a small number of sheets for urban areas that were drawn at 1:2,500 scale. The line of a public right of way drawn on the Definitive Map is a representation of the path against the Ordnance Survey mapping data. The width of the line is not to be taken as an indication of the width of the right of way. Being drawn at a scale of 1:10,000 (1cm is equivalent to 100 metres) the line that is drawn on the Definitive Map may not show intricate changes in the direction of a path. To view a Definitive Map sheet at its original scale adjust the size of the map on screen so that a 1km square measures 10cm
  • Paths shown on the map sheets are referenced by a path number which is unique for each parish.

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