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Trees and fungi

There are a large number of fungi that are associated with trees. Some only live on deadwood and are relatively harmless to the health and safety of the tree. Others however can cause extensive decay and with time, render all or part of the tree dangerous. It is therefore important to identify what fungus it is and then assess its likely impact upon the tree. This will normally require the advice of a forestry or arboricultural expert. These can be found in Yellow Pages under 'Tree Work Contractors' and 'Forestry Consultants'.

Decaying trees and hollow trees are not necessarily dangerous. This will depend upon an assessment of the risk taking into account: location; species; size; condition of the tree etc.. In fact decaying wood can provide important habitat for a wide range of species of insects, bats and birds and should be valued providing safety is not compromised.

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Removal of the fungal fruiting bodies will not control decay in any way. Seek specialist advice.