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Publications about Cornish Hedges

On this page you can access publications and technical notes relating to Cornish hedges.

The Cornish Hedge - An Introduction

The Cornish Hedge - An Introduction is an advice note written by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Grouo (FWAG).  It contains information about the management of hedges and wildlife for farmers.

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Wildlife Revival in Cornish Hedges - History, Traditions and Practical Guidance

The Wildlife Revival in Cornish Hedges - History, Traditions and Practical Guidance was written by Robin Menneer.  

This book is available to reserve and borrow at several libraries across Cornwall using the link above.

St Gerrans and Porthscatho Old Cornwall Society

St Gerrans and Porthscatho Old Cornwall Society have undertaken studies of the stiles of various parishes in the Roseland.

There are currently two volumes:

  • Volume I. Cornish Stiles in the Roseland - St Gerrans, 1997
  • Volume II. Cornish Stiles in the Roseland - Philleigh and St Just in Roseland 1999-2000

These are available from the Chairman:

Hilary Thompson,
1, The Quay,

Devon Hedge Group

The Devon Hedge Group have produced a book on Devon Hedges. Sections cover a wide range of topics, including history, wildlife, modern farming, development, trees, new hedges, bank repair, steeping (laying), trimming, garden hedges, education and the law.

Technical Notes

Technical Note for Pipeline and other Cross Country Operators

This technical note describes the necessary steps when the dismantling and rebuilding of Cornish hedges and banks during the installation of pipelines and other cross-country services is unavoidable and where the hedge crossing does not exceed 30m in width. It does not refer to the various permitted, wayleaves, consents or other paperwork which may be needed before, during or after the hedging works are carried out. Alternatives to dismantling and rebuilding such as tunnelling should be considered in the first place. 

Technical Note for Site Developers in Cornwall 

This technical note describes briefly the retention and/or reinstatement of Cornish hedges (including hedgebanks) on greenfield and other sites which are being developed for industrial, housing or other non-agricultural uses. It does not refer to the administrative or other paperwork which may affect the legal status of the hedges.