Hedge Structure

On this page you can find out about some of the different types of hedges found across Cornwall.

The Cornish hedge is found all over Cornwall. The typical Cornish hedge is a combination of a stone wall and an earth bank.  It has an earth centre and is then faced each side with local stone.  It is usually tapered with an inward curve from the base to half-way up, with the top being half the width of the bottom. This is vital for the stability of the hedge structure. 

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The turf hedge (also called a Devon bank) has an earth centre often clad with turf, and tapered. Although turf hedges occur where there isn't a large amount of local stone, many do have stone-faced sections . In lowland East Cornwall, many turf hedges are made entirely of a clayey earth and faced with natural wild flowers.

The stone hedge is similar to a dry stone wall apart from the sides curve inwards. Stone hedges are mostly seen in areas where the hedges were built of excess stone found in the fields. There is rarely enough growth on a stone hedge for trimming.

Further information about Cornish hedges is available from Cornish Hedges website.