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List of nurseries supplying westcountry varieties of fruit trees

The following nurseries are known to supply local varieties of fruit trees. The list is not a recommendation or endorsement by Cornwall Council and you should ensure for yourself that the trees are of the appropriate standard and condition (see: Notes on choosing fruit trees). Other local nurseries and garden centres may also be able to assist.

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Note to suppliers:

If you are a supplier of varieties of Cornish fruit trees and would like to be included in this list, please contact forestry@cornwall.gov.uk.

Cornish Garden Nurseries

Barras Moor Farm,

Tel: 01872 864380
Email: kwoodmanltd@gmail.com

Supplier of apples and other fruits

Duchy of Cornwall Nurseries

Cott Road,
PL22 0HW

Tel: 01208 872668
Fax: 01208 872835
Email: sales@duchyofcornwallnursery.co.uk
Website: http://www.duchyofcornwallnursery.co.uk/

Supplier of apples

Endsleigh Gardens

Milton Abbot,
PL19 0PG

Tel: 01822 870235
Fax: 01822 870513
Email: info@endsleigh-gardens.com
Website: http://www.endsleigh-gardens.com/Welcome.html

Supplier of apples, cherries, pears and plums

Thornhayes Nursery

St Andrews Wood,
Devon, EX15 2DF

Tel: 01884 266746
Fax: 01884 266739
Email: trees@thornhayes-nursery.co.uk
Website: www.thornhayes-nursery.co.uk/

Suppliers of apples, cherries, plums, pears, nuts, hedging, ornamental and amenity trees

James Macfarlane

Trevothen Common,
TR12 6SD

Tel: 01326 280594

Supplier of apples

Trelowarren Nursery


Tel: 01326 221224

Supplier of apples

Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery

Laveddon Mill,
Laninval Hill,
PL30 5JU

Tel: 01208 72837
Fax: 01208 76491
Email: bodminnursery@aol.com

Supplier of apples and plums

Adam's Apples - Talaton Plants Ltd

Talaton Plants Ltd
Egremont Barn,
EX14 3JA

Tel: 01404 841166
Fax: 01404 841196
Email: sales@adamsappletrees.co.uk
Website: http://www.adamsappletrees.co.uk/

Supplier of apples and other fruit

Cornish Apple Trees

Chytroon Farm,
The Bungalow,
Perranwell Station,

Mobile: 07765809267
Email: shane@cornishappletrees.co.uk

Supplier of 50 varieties of Cornish apple trees and Cornish plums

Agroforestry Services

The Forest Garden
Penjerrick Hill
Budock Water
TR11 5ED

Tel: 01326 250090

Email: simonmiles@theforestgarden.co.uk
Website: http://www.theforestgarden.co.uk/ 

Suppliers of apple and other top fruit and nut trees, soft fruit bushes, and other perennial Forest Garden edibles.

It is generally recommended that apples should be grown on vigorous rootstocks, such as M25 or M111, in order to ensure vigorous growth, which is more likely to minimise disease problems.

Trees can be purchased in various sizes. Maidens are young trees, which require training but which will establish quickly. Standards and half standards are trained but, as they are older plants, they tend to suffer greater transplanting shock.

All newly planted trees require help in establishing. It is recommended that an area 1m diameter around the tree is kept free of vegetation, especially grass, to reduce competition. This can be achieved with the careful use of an appropriate herbicide, by hoeing (take care not damage the roots) or with a mulch. Watering may be necessary in drought conditions especially in the first spring. If watering, thoroughly wet the ground to ensure that the water reaches the roots.

Young trees do not normally require staking unless they are grown on dwarfing or semi-dwarfing rootstocks. Older trees on vigorous rootstocks may need a low stake (approx. 45-60cm above ground) for the first, and exceptionally second, year. All ties should be adjusted during the growing season to avoid damaging the stem.

All trees must be protected from livestock and, if necessary, rabbits.