Climate Change and energy

Cornwall Council became a signatory of the Nottingham Declaration on climate change in September 2010. This means that Cornwall Council does the following:

  • Accepts the scientific evidence that climate change is occurring and that it will continue to have far reaching effects on the UK’s people and places, economy, society and environment. 
  • Welcomes the social, economic and environmental benefits which come from combating climate change.
  • Welcomes the opportunity to lead the response at a local level, encouraging and helping local residents, local businesses and other organisations to reduce their energy costs, to reduce congestion, to adapt to the impacts of climate change, to improve the local environment and to deal with fuel poverty in our communities.
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Signing the Nottingham Declaration also means Cornwall Council commits to:

  • Developing plans within two years with our partners and local communities to progressively address the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • Publicly declaring, within appropriate plans and strategies, the commitment to achieve a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations, especially energy sourcing and use, travel and transport, waste production and disposal and the purchasing of goods and services.
  • Assessing the risks associated with climate change and the implications for our services and communities and adapting accordingly.
  • Encouraging all sectors of the community to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
  • Monitoring the progress of our plans against the actions needed and publish the result.

Tackling climate change is an integral part of the Council’s wider work to promote sustainable development.

For more informaiton please use the links in the menu or visit the Met Office website for  facts on climate change,