Local Distinctiveness Project

Commissioned by Ertach Kernow and jointly funded by Historic England our Distinctiveness Project is being undertaken to define and better understand how the unique cultural distinctiveness of Cornwall is reflected in our heritage assets and historic environment. 

The project forms one of the Cornwall Deal Heritage commitments.  

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The project will produce a guidance document which will be used to help those managing the historic environment to better take account of local distinctiveness when making decisions about its future.  

The work began in October 2016, and we will publish updates from the project on this page as the work progresses.

  • Forum meeting held on 28th July 2017. The meeting presented the Cultural Distinctiveness Study to a wider audience alongside discussing the links with the Framework Convention for National Minorities.
  • Phase two work on Distinctiveness is being finalised – reports due for submission Nov 2017
  • Revised timescales have been agreed with Historic England for the commissioning of Stage 3.
  • Work is continuing to develop between Planning and Historic Environment staff.
  • A consultation draft of the Cornwall Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (which will help deliver the Distinctiveness outcomes) has been completed.