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Evolving Cornwall; A Heritage Strategy for Cornwall

The Ertach Kernow Board has commissioned a Heritage Strategy for Cornwall, to be drafted by the Strategic Historic Environment team in Cornwall Council. Its purpose is:

  • To support the public’s appreciation and enjoyment of Cornwall’s tangible heritage and the historic environment.
  • To indicate how Cornwall’s historic environment and heritage shape our lives, identity, culture and how others either influence or are influenced by them, how they benefit from them and how they can take them into account when developing their own actions.
  • To provide a framework for positive action within the heritage sector in Cornwall.
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The Board recognises the following reasons for developing such a heritage strategy.

  • To tie together heritage activity in Cornwall and provide an agreed context for the work of all relevant agencies and bodies;
  • To support delivery of the heritage strand of the Devolution Deal and especially to provide a framework for delivery of the Cornwall Local Cultural Distinctiveness work;
  • To contextualise and extend the work of the Heritage Kernow Board and Forum and raise the profile of their work, so that they form a heritage equivalent of the Local Nature Partnership, and so that the public is fully aware of their aims and activities;
  • To recognise that Cornwall benefits from heritage capital as well as natural capital;
  • To complement and extend delivery of the Environmental Growth Strategy and demonstrate how the historic and natural environments overlap and inform each other.

An outline of the strategy has been developed and is being consulted upon. It was presented to a meeting of the Ertach Kernow Forum in July 2019 and comments are being sought from individuals and organisations by the 31st of August 2019.

A PDF document has been produced, based on the presentation that was delivered at the Forum: Evolving Cornwall - A Heritage Strategy for Cornwall

You are invitied to comment on all parts, but note that there are also several specific questions which we would welcome thoughts on (those in green script). When responding please cite the page number for the material on which you are commenting.

Please let others who you think may be interested in commenting also know about this consultation.