The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC)

The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) formerly started its operational phase on 23 March 2017, having completed its construction and testing phases. Following the formal handover from Vinci, the CERC is operating under the control of Suez on behalf of Cornwall Energy Recovery Limited. This is in accordance with the Integrated Waste Management Contract, which Cornwall Council manages. The centre has been accepting and processing waste since last summer as part of the testing phase; so there's no visible difference to the CERC now it's entered normal operation.

The CERC will recover energy from the waste that it processes every year, and use it to create enough electricity to power the equivalent of 21,000 homes. The Environment Agency closely monitor the plant to ensure that it will continue to operate in strict accordance with the permit which they have issued. The CERC has been sized to be able to:

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  • take all of the household waste that’s left over after a proportion has been separated by householders for recycling,
  • and some of the commercial waste originating in Cornwall over the next 25 years.

This means the CERC can accept most household waste that you cannot recycle and that fits into standard household black bin bags. For more information please read the questions and answers about the types of household and commercial waste that the CERC can accept.

The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) Community Forum meets bi-monthly for local people to discuss and review matters relating to the facility. The Community Forum minutes are available online on Sita Cornwall webpage. If you have a question to ask, please email

Cornwall Council and Cornwall Energy Recovery Limited are providing local community funding to support projects and initiatives in the designated area of benefit for the lifetime of the CERC. The St Dennis & Nanpean Community Trust is managing this community funding and welcomes applications from local community groups, voluntary organisations and individuals. The Trust is a registered charity and the trustees are local residents and parish councillors from St Dennis Parish Council and St Stephen Parish Council. It has a Grant Panel which meets monthly to review applications. Details of how to apply, application deadlines and panel meeting dates are on the St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust website.

We receive regular enquiries from the public regarding emissions and the monitoring of air quality. At the CERC, monitoring of the air quality is being carried out by an Independent Accountable Body. Find out about air and soil quality monitoring at the CERC. Monitors at the base of the chimney continuously record emission levels. More information about emissions and energy generation is available on the Suez website.