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Rubbish collections

How can I protect my bags of rubbish from animals and birds?

You can buy a traditional rubbish bin or a wheeled bin and put your bagged rubbish out for collection in the bin. As bins are emptied by hand we prefer that wheeled bins are no bigger than 140 litres.

You can also buy reusable seagull proof bags for £3.50 from some of our Information Services offices. Please see our Stock Location list to find the nearest one to you. The seagull proof bags hold around three black sacks of rubbish. They have a secure Velcro fastening, a tie at the back and a weighted base to stop them blowing away after collection.

Is there rubbish you can’t collect?

We can only take normal household waste. We can’t take bulky waste, garden waste or clinical waste and sharps through the normal household collection round - please see below to request these as additional services, some of which are chargeable. 

Do not place batteries or liquid chemicals such as paint in the rubbish, please take them to your local household waste and recycling centre.

If it’s heavier than 25kg/50lb or longer than 1m, you can book a bulky waste collection or take it to one of our household waste recycling centres

You can compost garden waste at home, take it to a household waste recycling centre or use the garden waste collection service.  There is a separate service for clinical waste and sharps.

What if I need help getting my rubbish to the collection point?

We have an assisted collection service for residents who are unable to carry their rubbish to their collection point.