Report a missed collection


Before you report a missed collection, please check our list below of possible reasons why your rubbish may not have been collected.  If you report a missed collection, our contractor will investigate including making checks against their vehicle tracking data and on-board CCTV footage to confirm that your waste was out for collection.  If your report is received by 3pm, the contractor will contact you by 6pm the same day to advise if and when they are going to return.


Non-artificial Christmas Tree Collections - Monday 6 to Friday 17 January 2020
Please be aware that we will be collecting non-artificial Christmas trees from residential properties during this period only on the normal collection day for each area, on the opposite week to recycling.  Whilst we ask residents to leave their trees out with their rubbish, they are collected by a separate crew for shredding and composting and therefore this may be at a different time of day to when your rubbish is collected.  Please therefore do not assume your Christmas tree has been missed just because your rubbish has already been collected - the other crew may not have reached your street yet.

How do I report a missed collection?

Why was my rubbish collection missed?

Your rubbish collection may have been missed for these reasons:

You need to put your rubbish out by 7am on your collection day.  If you put it out later, you may miss the collection.  You can check your collection day by using the My Local Area link on this page.

We can only take normal household waste.  If it’s heavier than 25kg/50lb or longer than 1m, you can book a bulky waste collection or take it to one of our household waste recycling centres. You can compost garden waste at home, take it to a household waste recycling centre or use the garden waste collection service.  There is a separate service for clinical waste and sharps.

If the rubbish for the rest of your street hasn’t been collected, the collection may be running late. Please wait until the end of the working day to report a missed collection.

If your collection has been missed several times, the collection team may not have seen your rubbish.  Please provide your phone number so we can ring and check where you normally leave your rubbish for collection.