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Closed landfill sites

We are responsible for restoring and managing closed landfill sites in line with Environment Agency site licences and lease or conveyance conditions.

If you need to dispose of household waste, you can visit one of our household waste and recycling centres.

Closed landfill site

Grid reference


SW 778413

Conce Moore

SX 041 622

Connon Bridge


East Wheal Rose

SW 837 554

Gwinear Downs


Holwood Quarry

SX360 630

Tiscott Wood



SX 016727


SW 729224

Wheal Prosper

SX 029643

As waste breaks down it produces methane gas and leachate, which can pollute nearby countryside or cause a gas explosion.

Site levels also settle as waste breaks down, so we need to monitor and maintain them.

We have working plans for each site to prevent pollution of nearby countryside.  These plans are based on the Environment Agency’s site licence standards.

We monitor ground, surface water and gas and send monthly and annual reports to the Environment Agency.  The Environment Agency carries out twice monthly inspections.

We also:

  • Sink boreholes on and off site to monitor leachate and methane gas
  • Collect water run-off from the sites and use it to irrigate nearby land, which reduces the amount of leachate
  • Collect methane gas from site wells and burn it in controlled gas flare stacks
  • Import good quality soil to seal the sites, which prevents methane from escaping, maintains the site levels and helps keep water out
  • Sow grass seed to provide good grazing and treat any leachate irrigated onto the sites

The closed landfill sites with Environment Agency licences are: Trezise, East Wheal Rose, Wheal Prosper, Conce Moor and Treworder.