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Halloween batteries

There will be all sorts of hidden batteries in your Halloween paraphernalia. If you choose to throw these things away, rather than save them to reuse next year, please remove and recycle* the batteries first.

If you don’t, you may accidentally cause a fire at one of Cornwall’s rubbish transfer stations. There have been 42 fires at Cornwall’s rubbish transfer stations and household rubbish and recycling centres since February 2017, many of which have been caused by hidden batteries crushed as part of the rubbish treatment process.

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Crushed batteries can trigger a chemical reaction when they come into contact with other kinds of waste and start fires.

Look out for the hidden batteries in your:

  • Electric pumpkin lanterns
  • LED pumpkin fairy lights
  • Flashing witches’ hats
  • Skeletons that light up in the dark
  • Skulls that speak ghoulish recorded messages
  • Artificial candles
  • Flashing wizards’ and witches’ wands, and
  • anything else that lights up or flashes.

* You can recycle your batteries. Store them safely in a glass jar or metal tin, then take them to your local supermarket or nearest Household Rubbish and Recycling Centre.