2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey for the Waste and Recycling Collection, Street and Beach Cleansing Services

Summary of results of Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

In October 2015, Cory Environmental conducted a customer satisfaction survey for the Waste and Recycling Collection, Street and Beach Cleansing Services.  The summary results are outlined below:

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Collection Services

  • 95% satisfied with the non-recyclable waste collection service (up 5% on 2014)
  • 92% satisfied with the recycling Collection Service (up 11% on 2014)
  • 89% of respondents use the recycling collection service
  • Most residents recycle all items collected.  However 75% don’t recycle textiles through the service and 38% do put out mixed plastics.  Mixed plastics aren’t currently collected although a trial scheme has recently commenced to do so
  • 45% of those surveyed use the recycling banks with glass and newspapers and magazines being the materials most likely to be taken there for recycling
  • Most people were satisfied with the recycling banks appearance, cleanliness and capacity
  • Most of those surveyed either use the HWRC (household waste and recycling centre) facility or home compost their green waste; 21% use the Garden Waste permit scheme
  • Of those who used the Garden Waste permit scheme 97% were satisfied

Street cleansing

  • 72% of those surveyed were satisfied with the street cleansing service in the area they live
  • In their local town or city centre 88% were satisfied with the cleansing service
  • For local beaches 88% were satisfied or ambivalent about the cleansing service.  This includes all beaches not just those cleaned by Cory
  • By far the majority of people (over 90% in all cases bar flytipping) did not report street cleansing issues to the Council.  Of the few that did the majority of complaints were about dog/waste bins being full or a dead animal requiring removal.  Of those that complained 91% satisfied with the response to the complaint