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Cornwalls Minerals Safeguarding DPD Examination

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9 February 2018

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As part of the examination of the Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document, a hearing was held on Wednesday 10 January 2018.

As a result of the hearing, the Council is preparing a Schedule of Main Modifications for consultation, which will include consideration of wider Mineral Safeguarding Areas around mineral infrastructure sites.

The Council will consult with the minerals industry / mineral operators for a two week period from Thursday 8th February to 23rd February 18 to get their initial views on the revised Infrastructure MSA maps and the criteria based assessment.

After the Council has received the industry’s views it will then seek formal consultation over a 6 week period.  The timeframe for this will depend on the responses received to the two week consultation and whether any further discussions with industry are required.  It is currently anticipated that consultation on the Main Modifications will take place in Spring 2018.

10 January 2018

The Council submitted document LP.10 Local Development Scheme December 2017 after the Minerals Safeguarding Examination had concluded as per discussions on agenda item 1) b during the Examination.

18 December 2017

The Council submitted CC.M3 Draft Minerals Safeguarding DPD Schedule of Modifications V1 December 2017 to the Inspector.

30 November 2017

The Inspector further issued an updated agenda which has superseaded document INSP.M5

28 November 2017

Minerals Safeguarding DPD - The Inspector issued the following documents to Representors invited to speak at the Minerals Hearing. Please note that document INSP.M5 Cornwall Minerals Examination Hearing Agenda has been superdeded by docuemnt INSP.M5.1 Updated Cornwall Minerals Examination Hearing Agenda.

10 November 2017

Minerals Safeguarding DPD - The Inspector issued INSP.M2 Draft Schedule of Matters and Minerals Invitation letter to the Council and Representors.   

8 November 2017

Minerals Safeguarding DPD.  Councils response to the Inspectors preliminary note (INSP.M1)

1 November

Minerals and Safeguarding DPD - The Inspector issued the Council with INSP.M1 Premliminary note to the Council.