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2017 Minerals Safeguarding DPD Post Submission Correspondence

The Inspector assessing the Minerals Safeguarding DPD will request further data post submission. On this page you will find the latest documents from the Inspector. These will form part of the examination Library for the Cornwall Minerals Safeguarding DPD.

Reference NumberTitleDate
INSP.M1 Preliminary Note to the Council 01/11/17
CC.M1 Response from Cornwall Council to INSP.M1 08/11/17
CC.M2 Section 20 (7)(c) Request Letter 08/11/17
OC.CC.1 Network Rail Further Response 21/09/17
INSP.M2 Draft Schedule of Matters 10/11/17
PO.M1 Minerals Invitation Letter 10/11/2017
PO.M2 Cornwall Minerals Examination Hearing Letter 28/11/2017
INSP.M3 Details of the Hearing 28/11/2017
INSP.M4 Final Schedule of Issues 28/11/2017
INSP.M5 Cornwall Minerals Examination Hearing Agenda  28/11/2017
INSP.M5.1 Updated Cornwall Minerals Examination Hearing Agenda 30/11/2017
CC.M3 Draft Minerals Safeguarding DPD schedule of Modifications V1 December 2017 18/12/2017
LP.10 Local Development Scheme December 2017 10/01/2018
INSP.M6 Post Hearing Note 16/01/2018


received to the Schedule of Modifications consultation including Cornwall
Council’s Comments.