Launceston Southern Growth Area Masterplan Consultation

Launceston Town Council and Cornwall Council would like to see higher quality development coming forward in Launceston.

To help achieve this, a masterplan is being prepared. It offers the opportunity for the Town Council, Launceston residents and Cornwall Council to take a proactive approach to how it believes development in this area should come forward.

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The Launceston Southern Growth Area Masterplan is now available to view and comment on during a six week public consultation period from 2 September till 14 October 2019. The aim of the consultation is for local residents to be able to influence how Launceston grows in the future.

An exhibition held over two days will allow residents to drop in and see the plans on display and the team will be able to answer any questions. 

The exhibition will be held at the Town Council, Western Road, Launceston PL15 7AR on

  • Friday 27 September 10am - 3.30pm
  • Saturday 28 September 10am - 1pm 

A Story Map has been produced outlining the Masterplan with interactive questions so you can click and comment as you read through it.

Launceston Consultation Story Map

The Launceston Southern Growth Area Masterplan Consultation document and a background Launceston Masterplan (Draft Technical paper) are also available to view. The Draft Technical paper is a large document so has been split into Sections 1-4; Sections 5-7. The sections contain a lot of plans, diagrams and some may take time to open.  

A copy of the consultation document is also available on request at the following locations:

  • Launceston Town Council, Western Road, Launceston PL15 7AR
  • Launceston Library, Bounsalls Lane, Launceston PL15 9AB

We want to hear what your ideas and thoughts about the masterplan.
There are a number of ways you can do this:

Online: using the story map interactive questions

By email: (please use the word Launceston in the subject line)

By post: Launceston Masterplan Consultation, Sustainable Growth & Innovation, 1st Floor, Dolcoath Avenue, Camborne TR14 8SX using the questionnaire

By hand: At any of the locations listed above using the questionnaire

In person: at one the exhibition days.

If you have any questions and if would like to talk to the team, you can contact us on 0300 1234 151 and ask for the Delivery Team.