Cornwall Design Guide

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The purpose of the Cornwall Design Guide

The National Planning Policy Framework highlights that the weight the Government attaches to the importance of the design of the built environment. Section 7 notes good design is a key aspect of sustainable development and is indivisible from good planning, and should contribute positively to making places better for people. The Cornwall Design Guide embodies this ambition.

As part of the Council’s commitment to securing the highest quality new development the Cornwall Design Guide will assist householders, professionals, developers and communities in designing and assessing proposals.  It promotes the importance of a robust design process and good design practice. 

The design guide encourages and promotes creativity and innovation without being prescriptive in terms of design style.  It provides guidance on the quality of design that is expected without itself being neither a rigid policy document nor a pattern book to be slavishly followed. It advocates an approach to design that addresses the broader implications of development and, at the same time, provides a framework to assist in communicating design to others.

The guide will have wide application to all types of development projects. Whilst providing a focus on residential development the guide highlights many examples in the case studies of best practice already undertaken in Cornwall.  The lessons to be drawn from them are not unique to that development and will have relevance and applicability to other projects. The examples that are presented do not illustrate a preferred architectural approach or materials. Nor should the places drawn up in the document be treated as models to be simply copied. That would defeat the aim of the design guide. They will hopefully provide inspiration and a clear indication that successful schemes can be achieved without compromising quality, sustainability or the fulfillment of user requirements.

The Cornwall Design Guide has been produced subject to a sustainability appraisal, consultations, and a scrutiny and review process. It was adopted by the Council’s Cabinet on the 13th March 2013, the guide should be regarded as a significant material consideration. The design guide is being reviewed and will be published as a Supplementary Planning Document to support design policies in the Local Plan.