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Truro and Threemilestone

Truro has become a natural focus for growth with a mixture of retail and other employment. Sites like the Hospital, Truro College, and County Hall have all added to the city centre in providing an economically vibrant city. The challenge for Truro and its community is to manage growth in a way that adds value to the city.

A Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared jointly by Truro City and Kenwyn Parish Councils and will set out the framework and proposals for future growth in Truro and Kenwyn. This Neighbourhood Plan is one of the government 'front'runners' and its production is being supported by Cornwall Council.

The evidence base for Truro and surrounding area is set out on the Council’s website or can be viewed at the Truro One Stop Shop.

The community will continue to be involved throughout the process of developing the Neighbourhood Plan and will play an active and critical role in determining what options there are for Truro and Kenwyn. All events will be advertised on the Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan website.

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Consultation was previously undertaken on the Draft Area Action Plan, the City Centre Proposals Map, and the City Wide Proposals Map between 6th December 2008 and 2nd March 2009. All the written responses received are also available to view as well as well as a Full Report including Appendices; or an Executive Summary of the results.

Please contact Robert Lacey - Principal Delivery Officer Strategic Delivery Team at the address on this page.