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2016 - Further Significant Changes Consultation Documents and new documents

Following the suspension of the examination into the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies document for further work, a number of new and additional documents have been prepared. Section J lists all those documents produced in time for the consulation in January 2016 on Proposed Further Significant Changes. List B (January 2016) contains links to all documents that have been used in the development of the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies document to date.

Ref. NoTitleDate
J.1 Proposed Schedule of Further Significant Changes to the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Document – 2010-2030 (March 2014) and Schedule of Focused Changes (September 2014) January 2016 
J.2 Document combining the text and policies in the Proposed Schedule of Further Significant Changesto the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Document - 2010-2030 (March 2014) and Schedule of Focused Changes (September 2014) January 2016
J.3.1 Sustainability Appraisal of the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies 2010-2030: SA Report Addendum January 2016 January 2016
J.3.2 Technical Annex Part 1Technical Annex Part 2Technical Annex Part 3Technical Annex Part 4Technical Annex Part 5 January 2016 
J.3.3  Non Technical Summary  January 2016 
J.4  Habitat Regulations Assessment of Proposed Schedule of Further Significant Changes to the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Document Update (February 2016) February 2016 
J.5 The Statement of Representation Procedure  January 2016 
J.6 Statement of Representations January 2016
J.7.1 Strategic Infrastructure Schedule Janaury 2016
J.7.2 Bodmin Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.3 Bude Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.4 Camborne Pool and Redruth Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.5 Camelford Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.6 Caradon Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.7 China Clay Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.8 Cornwall Gateway Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.9 Falmouth and Penryn Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.10 Hayle and St Ives Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.11 Helston and the Lizard Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.12 Launceston Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.13 Liskeard and Looe Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.14 Newquay and St Columb Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.15 St Agnes and Perranporth Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.16 St Austell and Mevagissey Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.17 St Blazey Fowey and Lostwithiel Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.18 Truro and the Roseland Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.19 Wadebridge and Padstow Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.20 West Penwith Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.7.21 Cornwall Wide Infrastructure Schedule January 2016
J.8.1 Economic Strategy Briefing Paper January 2016
J.8.2 CNA Employment Land Summary Tables January 2016
J.9 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2016 Update January 2016
J.10 Whole Plan Viability Update January 2016 January 2016
J.11 Full Council Committee Report 15th December 2015 December 2015
J.12 Cornwall’s Full Objectively Assessed Need December 2015 
J.13  Cornwall Local Plan Housing Distribution  December 2015 
J.14  An assessment of SHLAA sites potentially within the setting of the Cornwall AONB and Tamar Valley AONB December 2015 
J.15.1  Housing Trajectory January 2016 
J.15.2  Cornwall Local Plan Housing Implementation Strategy including Appendix 1 Summary Housing Trajectories January 2016 
J.15.3 Five Year Supply Statement January 2016 
J.15.4  Affordable Housing Trajectory January 2016 
J.15.5 Cornwall Council Response to the Inspector’s Advisory Comment (ID.06) in Relation to Windfalls and the Five Year Housing Supply January 2016
J.16 Viability Study – Local Plan Accessibility Standards Additional Testing (Three Dragons) November 2015
J.17 Supporting an Assessment of the Accommodation needs of Gypsies and Travellers in Cornwall (Southern Horizons with Plymouth University and Buckman Associates) November 2015
J.18 Gypsy & Traveller Monitoring Report 2014-15 October 2015
J.19 Cornwall Population, Household and Labour Force Forecasts (Edge Analytics) October 2015 
J.20  Cornwall Employment Projections, Technical Advice (Ash Futures) August 2015 
J.21.1  Housing Evidence Base BN3: Population and Population Projections Version 2 (updated)  December 2015 
J.21.2  Housing Evidence Base BN4: Households and Household Projections Version 2 (updated)  December 2015 
J.21.3  Housing Evidence Base BN11: Second and Hioliday Homes Version 2 (updated) December 2015 
J.21.4 Housing Evidence Base BN13: Housing Mix Version 2 (updated) December 2015
J.21.5  Housing Evidence Base BN14: House Prices and Affordability Version 2 (updated)  December 2015 
J.21.6 Housing Evidence Base BN16: Private Rented Sector Version 2 (updated) December 2015
J.21.7 Housing Evidence Base BN23: Accessible Housing – Age and Health Impacts on Housing (new) December 2015
J.21.8 Housing Evidence Base BN24: Market Signals (new) December 2015 
J.21.9  Housing Evidence Base BN25: Housing Needs of Particular Groups (new)  December 2015 
J.21.10 Housing Evidence Base BN27: Specialist Housing for Older People (new)  December 2015 
J.21.11  Housing Evidence Base BN28: Concealed Households (new)  December 2015 
J.21.12  Housing Evidence Base BN29: Self & Custom Build (new)  December 2015 
J.21.13  Housing Evidence Base BN30: Households with Dependent Children (new)  December 2015 
J.21.14 Housing Evidence Base BN31: Single Person Households (new) December 2015
J.21.15 Housing Evidence Base BN32: Other Households (new) December 2015
J.21.16 Housing Evidence Base BN33: Couple Households (new) December 2015
J.21.17 Housing Evidence Base Briefing Notes – BN34: Student Accommodation (new) December 2015
J.21.18 Housing Evidence Base BN36: Communal Establishments for Older People (new) December 2015
J22 Representation Responses (listed separately for easier identification under Responses J.22.1 to J.22.2) 22 March 2016 

St Austell, St Blazey and China Clay Area Regeneration Plan

19 April 2016 


Allocations Development Plan Document April 2016 (Large document.  This could take a while to download)

09 May 2016


Penzance Housing Evidence Report

Appendix A to C

Appendix D

Appendix E to I

09 May 2016

Heamoor Historic Assessment for Site Allocations - January 2016

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3 and 4

09 May 2016

Cornwall Further Significant Changes Habitat Regulations Assessment April 2016 - Clean Version

09 May 2016
J.25.2 Cornwall Further Significant Changes Habitat Regulations Assessment  April 2016 - Track Changes Version 09 May 2016

Cornwall Further Significant Changes Habitat Regulations Assessment April 2016 - The document numbered as J25.3 is a previous version of the HRA showing in tracked changes the amendments made prior to further discussions with NE. Those amendments then led to the creation of J25.1 (the tracked changes version of which is J25.2, based on J25.3)**

09 May 2016