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2015 - Examination Suspension

Cornwall Council has accepted the Inspector's Preliminary Findings suggestion that the Cornwall Local Plan be suspended for a period to undertake further work. A proposed work programme and timetable regarding this further work is available. The Inspector has accepted the timetable proposed by the Council:

Ref. No.


Date Added

ID.05 Inspector's Preliminary Finding following Week 1 of the Examination Hearings 11 June 2015
ID.05.CC.1 Cornwall Council response to Inspector's Preliminary Findings (26th June 2015) 29 June 2015
ID.05.CC.1.1 Cornwall Council Work Programme (26th June 2015) 29 June 2015
ID.05.CC.1.2 Cornwall Council Suspension Timetable (26th June 2015) 29 June 2015
ID.05.1 Suspension Acceptance (3rd July 2015) 6 July 2015
ID.06 Inspector's Advice on Other Matters July 2015 (9th July 2015) 13 July 2015
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This page will be updated with progress and other reports as they are issued:

Ref. No.TitleDate Added
ID.07.CC.1 Cornwall Council Request 20th August 2015 14th September 2015
ID.07 Inspector's Response to CC Request of 20th August 2015 14th September 2015