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Infrastructure Needs Assessment Schedules


The Infrastructure Needs Assessment consists of a number of Infrastructure Needs Assessment Schedules, which present key infrastructure programmes and projects.

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There is a strategic schedule, a schedule for each of the Community Network Areas and a Cornwall wide schedule. Each schedule shows the available infrastructure project information, such as location, dates, costs, funding sources and delivery mechanisms, the lead partner, plus risks and dependencies.

The schedules classify projects as Critical, Necessary and Desirable. This based on the following:

  • Critical: key ‘unlocking’ projects without which the strategy could not be achieved, or projects with a unique funding opportunity;
  • Necessary:  needed to support the strategy but projects not necessarily needed up front;
  • Desirable: other projects that support the strategy, may come forward over the longer term.

For more information on how to use the schedules please view the 'Introduction to the Infrastructure Needs Assessment Schedules'. 

The latest versions of the schedules are available below - please note these are 'living' documents and will be updated as new information becomes available:

  • Strategic Infrastructure Schedule: this Strategic Schedule identifies those key projects that have a significant impact across all or most of Cornwall - plus accompanying map
  • Community Network Area (CNA) Schedules: These contain the projects required in the town (the ‘strategic integrated package’), plus the infrastructure needs in the rest of the CNA. Schedules are available for: