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Infrastructure Planning

To create sustainable communities, providing housing and employment opportunities alone is not enough; there is a need to provide the necessary supporting ‘infrastructure’ to support the local population and those who visit or work in the area. Infrastructure can take many forms: physical infrastructure such as roads, energy supply, water supply and drainage; green infrastructure such as sports pitches, parks; and social and community infrastructure such as schools, doctors’ surgeries, emergency services, community facilities.

In the initial stages of the infrastructure planning process, a baseline report (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) was produced. This report contains baseline infomation on what infrastructure was available and where it is located, and also explores future issues including funding matters and priorities.

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The Cornwall Infrastructure Needs Assessment (INA) identifies what infrastructure is required to support the development proposed in the Local Plan. The INA shows what is required for the future, when it is needed, who is responsible for its provision, and how it will be funded. It forms a key part of the evidence base for the Local Plan, as well as for the emerging Community Infrastructure Levy.

Planning the infrastructure to support the Local Plan is based on cooperation between planners and the infrastructure providers in Cornwall. Infrastructure and services are provided by many different organisations, and the INA is a vehicle through which integration between providers can be achieved. The INA creates clarity and offers scope for greater efficiency. It enables more effective planning and delivery of individual service strategies, particularly at this time when every sector faces cuts in funding.

The process by which infrastructure providers came together to prepare these infrastructure needs assessments is detailed and documented on the 'Infrastructure Governance and Publicity' page.