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Housing Evidence Base

The Housing Evidence Base is being prepared to provide the background evidence that underpins the development of Local Plan policies relating to housing growth and distribution. This evidence base once formalised will replace all previous versions of the housing evidence base.

Current Stage

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A series of draft 'briefing notes' have been prepared on an number of inter-related housing topics. These briefing notes comprise a summary of what is known to date on each of the individual topics, how this informs the development of housing related policies, how they relate to each other - plus acting as a 'signpost' to more detailed information for those that want to find out more. A Housing Evidence overview chart is available that illustrates how these briefing notes relate to each other.

These documents are work in progress and we welcome any comments on how they can be improved. For example, any areas that need expanding upon, any topics that could be added to the series, etc. If you have any comments to make on these draft papers please send them to the e-mail details to the right of this page with 'Housing Evidence Base' as the subject.

The draft briefing notes available at this time are:

Previous versions of the Local Plan (formerly known as the Core Strategy) have been accompanied by an evidence base relating to housing growth and distribution - and these can be found under the evidence base for the: