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Cornwall Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review is a technical document that will inform the preparation of Cornwall Core Strategy Development Plan Document and will form part of its evidence base.

The purpose of an Employment Land Review is to enable local authorities to assess the future demand for and future supply of employment space, assess the suitability of existing and proposed employment space in terms of its ability to meet future demand, develop appropriate future policy guidance to inform the Local development Framework and improve systems for monitoring outcomes and reviewing employment policies and programmes.

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The study’s approach follows government guidance on undertaking Employment Land reviews and the requirements of Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth.

The principle focus of the study is upon the ‘B class’ employment uses, namely office, light industrial, general industrial and storage and distribution uses. The study also provides a brief analysis (and projections) of other employment uses such as retail, tourism, healthcare and education however these are likely to be subject to other detailed studies where appropriate.

The study initially undertakes a review of the current and recent economic trends in Cornwall and a review of the commercial property market before providing an overview of the major future economic drivers within Cornwall and the extent to which they may impact upon demand for employment land.

A review of 269 employment sites has been undertaken including an assessment of the quality and suitability of existing and potential employment sites. The consideration of a number of different economic growth scenarios is then translated into future possible employment land needs and this is compared to the existing stock of potentially available land before identifying the amount and type of additional land that may need to be allocated. A review of the future growth requirements of the non B class sectors is followed by recommendations on future planning policy and other measures to support economic growth before finally providing recommendations on developing a framework  for monitoring future employment land provision in Cornwall.

As well as at a County level employment needs have also been assessed at a sub regional level. The Travel to Work Areas defined by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) based upon the 2001 census have been used, with focused analysis for the Cornwall part.

The document is very large and split into the following section - Main Document, Plan 7.1, Plan 7.2, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3 - part 1, Appendix 3 - part 2, Appendix 3 - part 3, Appendix 3 - part 4, Appendix 3 - part 5, Appendix 3 - part 6, Appendix 4 - part 1, Appendix 4 - part 2,  Appendix 4 - part 3, Appendix 5, Appendix 6.