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Schedule of Modifications Consultaiton

The Council will be consulting on the Schdule of Modifications between 20 April and 1 June.  Details of the consultation are within the Minerals Safeguarding DPD page.

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Examination Hearings

As part of the examination of the Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document, a hearing was held on Wednesday 10 January 2018.

As a result of the hearing, the Council has prepared a Schedule of Main Modifications for consultation, which will include consideration of wider Mineral Safeguarding Areas around mineral infrastructure sites.

The Council consulted with the minerals industry / mineral operators for a two week period from Thursday 8th February to 23rd February 18 to get their initial views on the revised Infrastructure MSA maps and the criteria based assessment.


Cornwall Council submitted the Cornwall Mineral Safeguarding Development Plan Document (DPD) to the Secretary of State on 26 October 2017 for independent examination.

The Minerals Safeguarding DPD and all supporting documents are available to view. You can access them in the Examination Library on the Examination page maintained by the programme officer.  The individual consultation responses are also available. You can find these on the Regulation 19/20 Submission Consultation page.

The Council has formally requested under section 20(7C) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) that, should the need arise, the Inspector recommends such Main Modifications (MMs) as may be necessary to make the Plan sound (CC.M2 Section 20(7C) Request Letter). 


Inspector Brian Sims BSc CEng MICE MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination. Inspector Thomas Bristow BA MSc MRTPI has been appointed to assist Inspector Brian Sims.

Programme Officers

The Council has appointed Mr David Coulthard and Mrs Jo McCabe as the Programme Officers.

They are independent officers of the examination and work on the Inspector's behalf, organising and managing the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process.

Any queries about the examination or any correspondence to the Inspector should be sent to:

Programme Officer
C/O Cornwall Council,
Room 105
39 Penwinnick Road
St Austell
PL25 5DR

Email the

Tel: 01726 223445 or 01872 224248


20 December 2017

Please refer to the Examination page maintained by the Programme Officer for all the latest updates

20 November 2017

The Examination Library has been updated with changes to some of the reference IDs for the examination correspondence and the splitting of the table on page 3.


13 November 2017

The Examination Library has been updated with the following

  • INSP.M1 Preliminary note to the Council
  • INSP.M1.CC.1 Response to the preliminary note from Cornwall Council
  • OC.CC.1 Section 20(7(c) Request Letter
  • OC.CC.2 Network Rail Further Response

26 October 2017

  • Letter from Planning Inspectorate (PINS) appointing an Inspector to examine the Cornwall Minerals Safeguarding DPD.
  • Cornwall Council submitted the Minerals Safeguarding DPD to the Secretary of State for Examination.