Eco-Communities Evidence Base

The Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Allocations DPD) is open to public consultation from 9am 12 June to 5pm 7 August 2017.

This page only contains the Eco-communities chapter of the Allocations DPD and the town related background evidence documents. The full Allocations DPD, countywide evidence documents and the online survey will be available on the Allocations DPD main page once the consultation starts. 

The Strategic Policies of the Cornwall Local Plan (LP) establish the strategy of developing eco-communities at West Carclaze and Par Docks.  The principle of development is therefore established by the LP and as such the proposal has not followed the same process as other areas in the Allocations DPD. 

To support this further Sustainability Appraisal (SA) work has been undertaken which forms part of this consultation.  This comprises an evidence base report prepared by AECOM and SA appraisal tables of the proposed site allocations. 

The SA for the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies 2010 to 2030 – Eco-communities evidence base (AECOM September 2016) was prepared to aid clarity with regards to the decision making process for the Eco-communities.  It presents a narrative relating to the choice and location of Eco-communities in the St Austell area through an overview of the key SA elements undertaken to date and further appraisal on a number of additional reasonable alternatives, in effect undertaking a ‘check’ with regards to the current approach proposed for the Local Plan. 

In addition, SA tables have been prepared for both the West Carclaze and Par Docks sites. These SA tables summarise how each site was considered for its potential impacts against the Sustainability Objectives; what mitigation measures and aspects to be considered have been highlighted; and, how these considerations have been considered by Policy Planners (in the policy formation).  These have been prepared taking into account the conclusions of the report prepared by AECOM, the Policy direction established by the LP and the methodology used for the other site allocations.  For further information on this methodology please refer to the Cornwall Site Allocations DPD Sustainability Appraisal Report on the Cornwall- wide Evidence Documents page. 

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