Cornwall-wide Evidence Documents

This page contains the county-wide background evidence documents of the Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Allocations DPD).  

Background Evidence documents

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The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment assess the sites allocated in the Allocations DPD to consider the risk of flooding on each site.

The Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is an integral part of preparing local development documents.  It aims to promote sustainable development by ensuring that the potential social, environmental and economic effects of a plan are fully considered during the preparation of the Allocations DPD.

The retail evidence report looks at the evidence collected relating to the retail activity in Cornwall and demonstrated how the retail capacity figures affect each of the towns in the Allocations DPD. 

Heritage Assessments have been undertaken to ensure that Cornwall's historic environment and assets (like monuments, archaeological sites, historic areas, parks and gardens) are recognised, protected and enhanced appropriately according to their significance.  Each town has its own assessment and are listed below.

Further individual site assessments

The Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) considers whether development on the sites within the Allocations DPD would have significant impacts on areas of nature conservation importance (designated/classified under EU Directives). The process of assessment and further considerations are described in the document.

Supplementary Planning Document

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