Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document

The Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Allocations DPD) identifies where new housing and employment uses will be delivered for 10 towns/conurbations and two eco-communities in Cornwall.

Housing and employment targets have been set by the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies document. This was adopted by the council in November 2016.

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The Allocations DPD also looks at the wider strategy for the towns including

  • economic growth and
  • the delivery of infrastructure that will support both the existing and future residents

The Allocations DPD has been examined at a number of Hearings (discussions). This was during its Examination in Public in late 2017/early 2018. This resulted in a number of changes being made.  These changes have now been through a six week public consultation which closed on 22 October 2018.

The Planning Inspectors have now finished reviewing all the evidence from the hearings and the latest consultation and have delivered their Final Report (F.42) and Appendix (F.42a) to the Council.

The Examination is now closed and neither the Inspectors or the Planning Inspectorate have any further involvement in the plan.

It is now the Council’s responsibility to publicise the Report and decide whether to adopt the Site Allocations document with the recommended changes in the next few months.

A pre-adoption copy of the Site Allocations DPD contains all recommended modification as set out in the Inspectors Report and its Appendix (Schedule of Main Modifications). Due to the size of the document, it may take a while to download depending on your connection speed.

Site Allocations DPD

A summary of the document is also available in the form of a Story Map and highlights the vision, objectives and targets for each town.  Each allocation is linked to an interactive map displaying the allocation details.  Note, the summary version does not contain any policy text.  The policy text can be found in the main document which can be accessed from the summary version or from this page.

Summary of the document

All the documentation referred to in the Examination is available on the Allocations DPD Examination page

Additional Background Reference and Evidence Documents

Further documents are available for reference and clarification.  

Further information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are unable to find the answer here, please contact the Delivery Team using the details on this page

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the  Allocations DPD or this consultation, please contact the Council by

  • Email: or
  • Telephone: 0300 1234 151 and ask for the Planning Delivery Team or
  • Planning Delivery, Cornwall Council, 1st Floor, Dolcoath Avenue, Camborne, TR14 8SX