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Development Plan Documents

This page contains information on Development Plan Documents that are currently being prepared. (This excludes the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies document.)

Development Plan Documents in Preparation

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Development Plan Documents (DPD) will set out Cornwall Council’s planning policies and proposals. They are subject to community and stakeholder involvement and independent examination. The following DPD are in preparation:


Public Consultation on scoping of the new Climate Change Development Plan Document (DPD) – 30 March – 26 May 2020

We are creating a new planning document, the Scoping Climate Change DPD to help us tackle the challenges of Climate Change through planning. This document will help us too meet our ambitions by strengthening existing policies, creating new ones and making allocations that address the climate change issues affecting Cornwall.

On the 18th March 2020, Cornwall Council's Cabinet approved a first document for public consultation. This scoping document provides some initial ideas of what planning might be able to do and is designed for our communities, businesses and other interested people to make suggestions for new policies or allocations. 

Travelling Communities Site Allocations

This document will allocate sites to meet the needs of Travelling Communities. This is identified in the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies document. A Scoping Report consultation is currently underway until the 6th June 2016.

Site Allocations DPD - Adopted

Cornwall Council has now adopted the Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Allocations DPD). The document identifies where new housing and employment uses will be delivered for 10 towns/conurbations and two eco-communities in Cornwall. 

Minerals Safeguarding DPD - Adopted

Cornwall Council has now adopted the Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document (DPD).  The DPD identifies areas of mineral resource and infrastructure that are safeguarded for future use.