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Responses to Proposed Submission Version

The Council has made the following response to the representation received relating to the Proposed Submission Version of the Local Plan: Strategic Policies:

The following representations were received in response to the Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Proposed Submission Version consultation undertaken between the 17 March - 28 April 2014.

The Representations List identifies the Reference Number allocated to each of the representations received and these are searchable using Excel or as a csv file.

Once you have identified the Reference Number of the Representation you wish to view, the Representation can be found in the relevant documents below (please note some of these files are quite large and may take some time to download).

Representations: 2-49; 52-90; 91; 99-147; 153-264; 302-348; 354-433; 458-517; 525-547; 550-562; 566-587; 588-599; 604-611; 618-693; 701-724; 725-749; 750-759; 760-779; 780-786; 787-797; 798-803; 804-819.

Please note: the representation number up to number 710 uses the same number as for responses to the 2013 Pre Submission version consultation. The previous response is attached to the 2014 response where requested. Not all respondents to the 2013 consultation responded to the 2014 consultation so there will be gaps in the numbers. Representation numbers after number 710 are from new respondents.

If you have a problem viewing any of these Representations please email using the subject 'Local Plan Representations'.