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Strategic Policies Pre Submission Stage

This page contains information on the documentation that made up this stage, the evidence base available at the time, the consultation carried out and responses received and the progress this document made through the Cornwall Council Committee structure.

The Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Pre Submission Version document is in two parts as set out below. 

For those that can download large documents (8mb plus) the complete Local Plan document is also available.

Accompanying the consultation document is the Statement of Procedure for Making Representations, the Representations Statement (what has been done in terms of representations previously) and the associated evidence base (below and listed in the Supporting Documents list).

Important note: Due to an administrative error an amendment approved at the 12th February 2013 meeting of Cornwall Council recorded in paragraphs 5 and 7 of the minutes was not included in the Local Plan published for consultation. The missing wording is in published Policy 15 (referred to in the minutes as Policy 14). The addition would be: "Any proposal for the generation of energy from non-fossil fuel resources must not overshadow or have an overbearing effect on nearby habitations." The Council will look to include this amendment as a minor amendment before submitting the Plan to the Secretary of State.

The following key pieces of the evidence base were available at this time - other useful documents can be found in the Place Based and Cornwall Topic Based sections:

The consultation on this version of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies Pre Submission Document ran from the 11th March to the 22nd April 2013.

The Council will prepare a response report on comments received during the consultation and these will be added to this page once available. Representations made during the consultation period are available on our Representations page.

The ‘Cornwall Local Plan: Strategic Policies Pre Submission Version’ was discussed at the following Committees: