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Validation Updates

Removal of 'Do Not Scale' on Plans

The Planning Service has published an update regarding the removal of 'Do Not Scale' on plans.  Please visit the Whats New in Planning page for more information.

Please note that the Government has increased the statutory planning fees by 20% with effect from 17 January 2018. 

The Planning and Sustainable Development Service Fees and Charges document below has been amended to incorporate the new planning application fees.  These will apply to all planning applications submitted after 16 January 2018.

Planning application fees will now also be charged for those applications made as a result of the removal of permitted development rights and for a number of new planning application types.

Planning and Sustainable Development Service Fees and Charges Document has been adopted. If you would like clarification on how our planning fees are calculated, this is available in our Planning Fees and Charges Supplementary Document.

Guidance Note - 13/02/17

It is commonly acknowledged that planning-related fees were introduced so that users of the planning system, rather than taxpayers in general, meet the costs incurred by local planning authorities in deciding planning applications.  The Planning Practice Guide states that the local planning authority must decide the fee which will apply to the application based on the category, or categories of development if the application is for more than one type of development and we usually find that our customers are happy to pay the identified planning application fees that allow the Local Planning Authority to consider and determine their applications.

Advice has been sought from DCLG and other Authorities regarding what is considered 'floor space' when calculating the fee for commercial applications.  The Town and Country Planning (Fee for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) Regulations 2012, Schedule 1, Part 1, Chapter 3, Paragraph 12(1) states 'gross floor space to be created by the development shall be ascertained by external measurement of the floor space, whether or not it is to be bounded (wholly or partly) by external walls of a building'.

Cornwall Council will therefore be charging for the following areas in relation to commercial/non-residential developments:

  • Terraces
  • Balconies
  • Stores/Bin Stores
  • Enclosed external areas e.g. compounds and external sales areas (this also includes areas where the proposed development creates an enclosed area as a result of building works and this area becomes usable space e.g. quadrants within schools and office buildings)
  • Perimeter wall thickness and projections (party walls are to be measured to their centre line)
  • Areas occupied by internal walls and partitions
  • Columns
  • Piers
  • Chimney breasts
  • Stairwells and the like
  • Lift rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Tank rooms
  • Fuel stores
  • Open sided covered areas e.g. car ports
  • Enclosed car parking areas

When calculating floor space what is considered 'usable space' should be considered.

9 out of 10 agents submit applications via iApply or the Planning Portal.  If you submit applications via iApply or the Planning Portal your documents automatically drop into our back-office system giving you immediate assurance that the documents have been received. Submitting applications in this way speeds up our processes.

Applications submitted by alternative means such as by email or in hard copy divert resources to other processes that enable the documents to be published on-line, which leads to a delay in those applications being validated.

We would therefore encourage you to continue to submit applications in a way that speeds up the process

Following the success of the scheme in the west of the county the Accredited Agents Scheme has been relaunched and is now available for householder developments across Cornwall.

Find out more about the scheme on our Accredited Agents webpage.