Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Planning advice and guidance

Please be aware that we are experiencing a significant increase in the volume of general planning enquiries and planning enforcement enquiries. Whilst we are aiming to maintain customer service there may be a delay in dealing with enquiries during this period.  However, we are working hard to keep the planning service operating effectively and have changed most of our working practices accordingly.  We are undertaking site visits on a risk assessed basis where virtual means of assessment are not available.  This is to ensure that we comply with the government guidance on social distancing and to protect our staff and our residents.  We have changed our procedures for Planning Committees, site notices, availability of information by hard copy and office availability.  For more details on our revised processes, please see our FAQs Covid-19 impact on planning processes and bear with us at this difficult time. Thank you for your understanding. 

Whatever you are proposing, we can help you to cut through the red tape. We offer a number of advice services for developers, applicants and agents seeking advice either before making an application, or a supported service during the processing of an application.

Do I need planning consent?

  • We can review your proposal and advise whether permission is required.

Validation checking service:

  • We can check your application before submission to make sure it contains all the information we need to process the proposal.

Pre-application advice:

  • To help you save time and money, reduce the number of unsuccessful planning applications and to ensure you provide enough information to support your final application.

Additional services:

  • Post decision compliance checks. Full details of services are listed in the Fees and Charges document.

We will

  • Research the history of the site and do a site visit if required.
  • Look at the application against Council policies and standards.
  • We will provide feedback on design options and impacts.
  • Arrange to attend a meeting with the applicant, if needed. This could be a telephone discussion.
  • Look at the need for further investigations or key groups that need to be spoken to.
  • Write to you and let you know whether we think you should continue with your planning application.

Pre-application Community Engagement Forum

We will facilitate a meeting held in public, where a developer is able to explain proposals directly to Members, the Local Council and local residents at an early stage about a development site.

Planning Performance Agreement

We can use a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA ) to agree timescales, actions and resources for handling particular applications. PPAs can be used at the pre­ application stage, the planning application stage and at the post decision stage or any combination of these.  There are clear advantages for using PPAs, including:

  • Identification of key issues and consultees at an early stage.
  • Provides a guarantee of Council resources with realistic timescales.
  • Better overall management from pre-application through to post-application stages.
  • Greater accountability, transparency and communication.
  • Improved partnership working.
  • Continuity and consistency from Local Planning Authority (LPA) officers.
  • Bespoke advice from key consultees (e.g. building control, environment, highways etc.).

Design Review

We offer a design review service where a proposal can be improved through the input of a group of design specialists.

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