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Stage 1 - Starting Up

The plan-making process starts when members of the town or parish council, perhaps on the suggestion of local interested groups and individuals, have the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan for their area. It will involve a small group of people sharing their ideas and aspriations for the local area. 

At the start-up stage consideration will be given to:

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  • Whether or not a Neighbourhood Plan is appropriate for your area and which type will best suit your needs
  • Whether you should form a cluster with other parishes
  • Defining the Neighbourhood Area boundary
  • Gaining community support
  • Who will lead the plan-making process and how it is organised.

Once the community is on board, a Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group can be identified to coordinate the work. A number of legal requirements will need to be met including notifying Cornwall Council of your intention to prepare a plan and defining the Neighbourhood Area.

This stage also involves planning the work to be undertaken, how to keep everybody informed and how to access funding, and should culminate in a clear plan of action. This stage will end by formally informing Cornwall Council of the intention to prepare a plan, and getting them to sign off the Neighbourhood Area. 

Formally notifying Cornwall Council includes sending a map of the area the Neighbourhood Plan will cover; a statement on why the area was selected and a statement that the local council is a qualifying body. Below are a number of guide notes to help you through the process.