Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan

In 2014, Falmouth Town Council agreed to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the area at a Town Council Meeting. This webpage provides you with information on the Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Plan Proposal Submitted

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The Falmouth Neighbourhood Development Plan was formally submitted to Cornwall Council on 15 July 2019. The plan is currently going through a legal compliance check.

Falmouth Town Council submitted a revised letter and map on 11 May 2017. This was to designate the Parish boundary as the Neighbourhood Area for their Plan. A copy of the documents can be downloaded below:

Falmouth Town Council submitted a letter and map to designate their Neighbourhood Area. This was originally submitted on 17 November 2014. Cornwall Council consulted residents and other interested stakeholders on the designation. The consultation ran between 28 November 2014 and 9 January 2015. Copies of the application letter and statement were made available to view during the six week consultation. The statement explains how the Town Council and Neighbourhood Area met the conditions of Section 61G(2) of the Town And Country Planning Act 1990. Documents were made available from Falmouth One Stop Shop. Copies of the documents can be downloaded below:

For further information please see the Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan website