Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning allows people to come together through a local parish or town council and say where they think new houses, businesses and shops should go, and what they should look like. These Neighbourhood Plans can be very simple, or go into considerable detail.

In Cornwall, planning policies which apply to the whole of the county are going to be reduced to the bare minimum to simplify the planning process and enable it to efficiently deliver the types of development required by communities. That means there will be relatively little planning guidance at the parish level.

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At local level, communities may wish to develop their own planning policies to reflect the priorities of local people and to provide an additional level of detail than those developed by Cornwall Council. Those policies would be set out in a Neighbourhood Plan.

Cornwall Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit is intended to help communities decide whether to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan and sets out what steps should be followed to prepare a plan that reflects what the community wants to achieve.

For the latest Neighbourhood Planning news and events please see the Neighbourhood Planning News and Events webpage.

You can find information about individual Plans being developmend across the County on the Neighbourhood Planning in Cornwall webpage . If you are developing a Neighbourhood Plan, you can find guidance notes and a step by step guide to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. 

Information on the current Neighbourhood Area Designations, Plan Proposal Consultations, Neighbourhood Planning Examinations and Referendums and guidance to help you meet the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations and legal requirements

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What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan and information about the individual Neighbourhood Development Plans being developed in Cornwall

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