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Renewable Energy Planning Advice

Adopted March 2016

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The Council places great importance on the need to tackle climate change while carefully managing the potential impacts of renewable energy on the local environment and the lives of residents. It also recognises the great potential for residents and communities to be involved in and benefit from the transition to a low carbon Cornwall. The Planning Advice provides the necessary guidance to help development in Cornwall achieve these goals.

The Planning Advice provides guidance on a range of renewable energy technologies. It explains what community ownership means and how it might be considered as part of a planning application. It also contains detailed guidance on specific considerations, such as landscape and cumulative impact (in particular for wind turbines and solar farms). As such, the Planning Advice provides a proactive tool guide new development, inform planning decisions and support the development of Neighbourhood Plans across Cornwall.

The Renewable Energy Planning Advice is made up of the following documents:
Cornwall Renewable Energy Planning Advice

  • Annex 1: An assessment of the landscape sensitivity to on-shore wind energy and large-scale photovoltaic development in Cornwall
    • Appendix 1: Landscape Sensitivity and Strategy Matrices for each Landscape Character Area - (Please note: this is a large document, could take a while to download)
  • Annex 2: Cumulative Impact Assessment Guidance for Cornwall - Wind Turbines
  • Annex 3: Cumulative Impact Assessment Guidance for Cornwall - Solar Farms