Carnon Downs Local Development Order

The Carnon Downs Local Development Order was approved by the Secretary of State in April 2011, following considerable consultation, and came into force on 9 June 2011.

It provides extended rights which permit (within certain limitations):

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  • extensions at the front of properties
  • additions to the roof at the front
  • porches up to 5 square metres

Different rights will apply to different character areas within the village and there is a requirement to notify Feock Parish Council using their notification form (an administration fee of £35 applies).

Further information is available in the Local Development Order, and there is also a simple guidance document which explains what permitted development rights have been extended.  These documents and the notification form are available to download below:

Development in Carnon Downs should be in accordance with their Design Guide, which provides all the information you need when planning to build or extend in the village.

If you wish to discuss your proposal to decide whether or not it falls within the LDO, please contact Feock Parish Council at:

The Market Hall
Market Street

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 01872 863333