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A Day in the Life of a Planning Application

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Cornwall Council's fully interactive guide; a Day in the life of a Planning Application takes you step by step through the entire planning process from your initial development idea through to the completion of development.

The Cornwall Planning Partnership is a group of Councillors and Clerks of various Towns and Parish Councils from across Cornwall, Sarah Mason from the Cornwall Association of Local Councils (CALC), Bob Egerton CC - Cornwall Council’s Culture, Economy and Planning Portfolio Holder, and David Edmondson, Strategic Manager.

The current local council members of the group are:

  • Linda Coles - Clerk to Dobwalls/Trewidland, St Mabyn, St Dominic
  • John Hesketh - Clerk to Menheniot
  • Chris Drake - Clerk to Launceston
  • Cllr Anne-Marie Rance - Hayle
  • Cllr Peter Tisdale - CALC Executive/Mabe
  • Cllr Rita Lait - St Ives
  • Cllr Jinny Clark - St Agnes
  • Cllr Gary Hooper - Treverbyn
  • Cllr Jenny Moore - St Blaise
  • Cllr Mike Roberts - Mevagissey
  • Cllr Mike Thompson - St Austell
  • Cllr David Simpson - St Stephen-in-Brannel
  • Cllr Phil Brown - Bodmin
  • Cllr Mark Fox - Saltash
  • Cllr Christine Boswell-Munday - St Minver Lowlands
  • Cllr Nicola Williams - St Endellion
  • Cllr Amanda Pennington - Wadebridge

The group does not currently have substitutes and nomination to the group is personal, rather than selection of the Local Council who then makes a nomination.

The Partnership has a full work programme, and attend the current programme of Cornwall Council Member training events.

The Partnership is keen to play an active role in getting involved with consultations, helping to shape policy and guidance for planning in Cornwall.  It has worked with officers to produce some guidance for Neighbourhood Development Plan groups.  This is now available as part of the Neighbourhood Plan Toolkit.  The group has actively contributed to how the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies are distributed in Cornwall and will have an important role in the future CIL Funding Advisory Panel.

The group is helping shape planning training and addressing problems/challenges that are brought to the attention of the group.

The group have produced guidance for local councils for those cases where they feel some form of ongoing communication between developers and the community would be helpful during the construction phase.  The guidance sets out some options for local councils and includes an example of a condition that could be suggested to the planning case officers.

The Planning Partnership produced improved  a Guiding principles for pre-app discussions guidance note that links to the 3-way protocol for how Local Councils, agents/developers and Cornwall Council can work together on dealing with pre-app proposals.  The guidance note covers dealing with approaches and requests for meetings from developers, parish-led community engagement, and specific help regarding concerns over pre-determination either at local council meetings or individual discussions.

  • 5-day Local Council Protocol – Councillor Egerton, Portfolio holder for Planning, requested that where parishes object to an application and request Committee consideration, that they send a representative to that Planning Committee.  To enable Local Councils to respond quickly to a 5-day protocol notice, Councillor Egerton also asked that when a parish debates particular applications, they think ahead as to what their position will be if the officer has a contrary view.
  • Assessment of harm – The attached document ‘What is planning harm’ can be used by Local Councils as a guide to what can and what can’t be considered to constitute harm in planning terms.
  • Local Council (5-day) protocol – clerks can submit subsequent comments under the 5-day protocol by Consultee Access and this means that both the original and subsequent views of the local council will be publicly available.

Agendas and notes from the meetings held to date are available as follows:

News and updates from the Partnership are also circulated in the quarterly newsletter Planning News for Local Councils and Agents on the Planning News webpage.

The 2020 meeting dates are 9 January, 1 April, 14 July and 14 October.

The Cornwall Planning Partnership is now a well-established communication forum that is an important part of the process of liaison between the Local Planning Authority and our Local Councils.  Should you wish to raise an issue at a forthcoming meeting, please contact Sarah Mason (