Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Local councils

Please be aware that there will be some delays in our response times which is unavoidable at the moment.  We are experiencing an increase in Covid-related staff absence and many of our staff are working hard to balance work and home schooling.  The Council is committed to supporting our staff to work flexibly to enable a balance to be reached which means our officers may be working different hours.   

Please bear with us at this difficult time.  We are mindful of the personal pressures that a third lockdown places on us all and we respectfully ask that you are considerate when communicating with our staff.

For more details on our revised processes, please see our FAQs Covid-19 impact on planning processes. Thank you for your understanding.

Role of local councils in planning

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The local council protocol provides a flow diagram that sets out how local councils are involved in the application process. However, this is only one aspect of their involvement. To find out more, please view our role of local councils in planning page.

The Head of Planning gives permission for you to download (paper or electronically) plans and documents relating to planning applications. This is given under Section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. You cannot copy the documents for your own use as this will infringe copyright. You can only copy documents if you have the permission of the copyright owner. (This may be the person that drew the plans or the author of the document)

Since the local elections held in May 2017 we have held Local Council Planning Induction Training events. These were facilitated by the Planning and Sustainable Development Service. They have proved extremely popular. The two original sessions held in June in Bodmin and Camborne were heavily oversubscribed.  In response, three additional events were held in August. These were held in Liskeard, Wadebridge and again in Camborne. The total number of local councillors trained is 371. 

Following the successful Local Council Planning conferences held at the end of 2019, the training material and presentations are available for local councils' use on the Information for Parish and Town Councils webpage.

Preparations for the next round of conferences later in 2020 have already commenced. Invitations will be sent out to all local councils closer to the events.